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Audience Award
Jury's Choice
Best Producer
Best Director
Best Director of Photography 
Best Cinematographer
Best Special Effects 
Best Actor 
Best Editor
Best Animation
Best Debut Short
Best Debut Feature
Best Student Short
Best Student Feature
Best Drama Short 
Best Drama Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Experimental Short
Best Experimental Feature
Best Romantic Short 
Best Romantic Feature
Best Social Short
Best Social Feature
Best New Age Short
Best New Age Feature 
Best LGBTQIA Short
Best LGBTQIA Feature
Best Regional Short
Best Regional Feature
Best Comedy Short
Best Comedy Feature
Best Thriller Short
Best Thriller Feature
Best Horror Short 
Best Horror Feature
Best Fantasy Short
Best Fantasy Feature
Best VR Film
Best Micro Short - Under 5 minutes
Best Foreign Film
Best Music Video
Best Sci Fi Short 
Best Sci Fi Film 
Best Ad Film


Best Short Screenplay 
Best Feature Screenplay 
Best Characters
Best Dialogues
Best Thriller Screenplay 
Best Horror Screenplay 
Best Comedy Screenplay 
Best Romantic Screenplay 
Best Social Screenplay 
Best Sci Fi Screenplay

Award: Laurels and Printable Digital Certificates. Winners can apply for a trophy. We can ship the trophy to provided address. Courier charges shall be paid by the applicant.

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