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Forever After (Written By Emil Faithe)


World-weary Beverly Hills Detective “Mack” McDonald is weeks from retirement when he lands a murder case in a ritzy retirement resort slash hospital. People are dying and bodies are going missing. And the on-site, divinely connected Clergy, Sister Diana, seems to know why. But she’s not letting on. Yet. When an accident suddenly activates his special galactic gift, Mack begins to unravel the secrets of his past and a sinister agenda that will compromise everyone’s future. That’s when he “runs into” Dr. Ravi Singh, the eccentric East Indian healer who orbits in his special galaxy. And has a knack for knowing the unknown, even if English isn’t his first language. Or second.

Ravi astutely detects that our Detective can revive the dead and heal the sick. He wastes no time sucking him into his own deluded notion of life and death and coerces him into a rampage of mercy healings. Mack’s not sure his deeds are kosher, and with a little coaxing from Sister D, must weigh his waning morality against his intense desire to help those in need. Shirley MacLaine, you with me?

The Dark-Ops military team at Area 51 soon realize that Mack’s newly activated skills could spell the demise of a top-secret off-world project, and they’ll do anything necessary to turn him into stardust. But anthropology geek Dr. Julius Kramer will have none of that. He knows all about Mack’s Starseed heritage and has studied the legacy and the legends of his Hopi lineage. Yep, Mack is the chosen one.

Together, Mack and Kramer work to thwart an audacious plot destined to destroy Earthling civilization as we know it. And if they can pull it off and escape nuclear genocide, they will have “boldly gone where no man has gone before.” And be back in time for dinner. Hang onto your lightsaber, Luke Skywalker. There’s a new Space Cowboy on the galactic prairie, and he’s about to save your ass.


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