How to be a productive filmmaker when you are aspiring to be one

Making a film is a tough job. It requires intense focus, discipline and creativity. While you may or may not be born with the creative bone in you, the other two can be attained. This micro blog of ours focuses on the methods of attaining these two. 

Discipline your mind - Do what it takes to focus. Block the internet for a set time period every day, switch off the gadgets that might distract you and focus on that grand idea of yours. Even if you find it difficult initially, stick to it and eventually your mind will get used to it. 

Show up for work - Stay immersed in the staff you do. For example if you are writing the screenplay for your film, write and re-write it. Work on it till such time you are one hundred percent satisfied with your work. 

Maintain timeliness -  Stick to timelines, respect deadlines. Set goals and work hard and smart to fulfill those goals. Follow the routine, no one ever said a creative process cannot be well-structured one. 

Invest in yourself - Buy that book you have been eyeing, or that gear that you need to better your work. Any amount of money spent on bettering your craft will actually pay you back. 

Give it your best and then push it to do better than the best.

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