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Perfect World (Written By Emil Faithe)


SARAH CAHILL went missing two years ago. Her grieving husband, ROB CAHILL hasn’t gotten over it. But he has gotten his fill of crap as an E.R. doc at a stately Napa, California hospital, where he routinely sees things he’d rather not see. Until he sees the one thing that changes everything. His first extra-terrestrial patient.

ZACH CAHILL, Rob’s son and brilliant video game geek hasn’t seen anything, yet. But give it time. When the ADHD poster child catches his Pop bingeing on Ancient Alien videos and cosmic guilt, he knocks out a pep talk to save his Pop’s confused ass, and quite probably the fate of humanity. Time to lose the Adderral.

Meet JW McClintock, Harvard grad, geological genius, and Alien connoisseur. He’s been following Earth changes since grade school. But this latest round of wild weather and geological shifts has got poor Mother Earth crumbling from the inside out. And he’s damned and determined to put a stop to it. And to the Inner Earth terrestrials responsible. But he needs a team.

When an alien encounter leads Rob, Zach, and Zach’s girl pal MADDY to Placerville, California, and JW’s real man cave, aka E.T. HQ, he recruits the team to really go “where no man has gone before”: Inner Earth and the elusive Lost City of Gold. But a pair of relentless MIB will have none of that. They’ll do whatever it takes to shut them down.

Driven by an ancestral 400,000-year-old GOLD MINING directive, Inner Earth leader NICHOLAS overrides his genetic compulsion and comes to his senses, and his humanity. He agrees to halt the destructive mining to save his family, the planet, maybe even the humans. The hell with his home planet. “You have gotten more than you need to save our Niburu. Far more.” But his defiance of the Gods may have just landed Earth and ALL of its inhabitants in final jeopardy.

Rob’s Inner Earth excursion leads him to discover the secrets of the Earth-Alien agenda and unravel the mystery of Sarah’s disappearance, while rekindling his own E.T. hybrid heritage. JW and Zach embrace their own Inner Earth coming-of-age epiphanies, making good use of the treasure trove of antiquities that await them in the mystical City of Gold. In the end, they can all agree that there is indeed life beyond the rainbow, but it ain’t no Perfect World.


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