The Bunny Man (Written by Donald MacLaren & Dianne Racek)

The movie begins with DR. URBELL, a Nazi doctor, doing experiments on concentration camp patients and rabbits. After the war, Dr. Urbell has a position at the Glen Dale Psychiatric Hospital near Virginia and D.C. He continues to do research on rabbits.

RICHARD, 10, is in the backseat of the family car when there is an accident. The heads of his mother and father are severed and land on Richard. This is a traumatic moment for the boy. As an orphan, he is welcomed to live with his uncle in Virginia, Dr. Urbell.

Richard spies on his uncle conducting bloody experiments on rabbits from a basement window. Some of his friends join him. There is the possibility that one or all the boys are traumatized by the uncle’s experiments. In addition, the boys watch the nanny skin and cook wild rabbits hunted by the gardener.

In time, some man begins killing people in a rural section of northern Virginia. The audience sees a man wearing a bunny outfit as he commits the killings, but the viewers are not sure if the killer is Dr. Urbell gone mad, Richard or one of the other boys. The police are unable to find the killer, but there is always rabbit’s foot left behind by the serial killer.

FAITH, a newspaper reporter, decides to investigate the serial killer who leaves behind a rabbit’s foot at the crime scene. When her articles are published in the newspaper, the Bunny Man starts to stalk her location. He watches her in her apartment at night, but no one sees him.

The Bunny Man decides to kidnap Faith one night. He manages to get her into his car and disappears. He hides Faith in a secluded basement room in a house, but all this time the audience is left wondering who is the exact Bunny Man.

During their investigation, the police find out that DAVID, Faith’s boyfriend, has had arguments with Faith. In their desperation, the police accuse David of killing Faith and disposing of her body. He is sent away to prison while Faith is left in the Bunny Man’s hidden basement room. In the end, there is a likely sequel as the story continues between Faith and the Bunny Man killer.

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