The Saddle (Written By Kristian Day, Shawn June)


Bob “Mongo” Stergis is a decorated war hero who fought in Vietnam and when he returned home he saw that he had another war he needed to fight on American soil. This war was for the future of the LGBTQ community for decades to follow.

He opened The Saddle in 1980 as a place for the local gay community could call their own. He was part of every political march, protest, and used his small fortune to help what was once alienated. Now times have changed and after years of fighting the good fight, he is ready to pass the torch. The world now has political leaders who are openly gay, the law now lets all American citizens service in the military without any restrictions based on sexual preference, and the biggest win for many was the right to same-sex marriages. The world has become one big gay happy family. What more can an old man do?

Dennis and Cyrus are newlyweds who are ready to not only combine each other’s lives but they also want to go into business together. Dennis saved up a nice nest egg from all the years of being a single workaholic gay man and says goodbye to his job as an investment banker of fifteen years. Cy is ten years younger than Dennis who has worked as a window dresser for Macy’s over the last five years. He also has another identity named “Cher Love”, his drag queen avatar that he promised his new husband would not take the stage while they try and run their new business together.

The newlyweds see The Saddle as a turn-key investment opportunity: nearly 40-year-old establishment with the same customers since the day it opened, the built-in audience with the local LGBTQ community, and it’s a political hot spot for presidential candidates to pop in once every four years for a “big girl” drink and talk civil rights with the locals. This will be their cash cow... or so they think.

Mongo agrees to sell the bar on contract to Dennis and Cyrus on one condition. Mongo gets to work and drink at the bar until the day he dies..

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