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The White Room (Directed By Steven M Ulman)

“The White Room” provides a raw, real, untamed look into our inner psyche. Filmed from the viewer’s point of view, “The White Room,” puts you in the driver’s seat. Upon our birth our minds are like a blank canvas, an empty white room. We’re innocent and clean. As we mature and experience life. That room begins to become cluttered with stains, marks, and different voices. We derive our motivations, reasoning, and decision making from this place. The truth is, no one has a clean canvas and art gets ugly. Immerse yourself into the character’s mind to experience a chilling psychological thrill ride that’ll leave you questioning your own context on life. Those voices are real, that connection you feel isn’t coincidence. Everything, everything, everything leaves it’s mark as this film takes you to a mind-blowing climax that feels strangely personal. The real struggle is within.


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