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There are many in the market and you are not sure about which one will give you the best output

There are many in the market and you are not sure about which one will give you the best output or the best value for money. 

For your convenience, we have tried listing down a few along their features. 

Panasonic G 85 - It is perhaps the best value camera that you can buy for low budget filmmaking. Its solidly built magnesium body sports a touchscreen that tilts and swivels. Also, it is weatherproof. So you can use it in extreme weather as well. The sharp 12-60 kit lens covers a useful wide to telephoto zoom range. The camera can shoot 4K, and HD at up to 60p slow motion. And it has very good image stabilisation, which makes for easy handheld shooting.

The only con is perhaps that it has a smallish Micro Four Thirds sensor and that means it’s not as good in low light as some of its competitors. 

Panasonic G 7 - Panasonic G7 is exceptionally good value for beginner filmmakers. It has 4K and Full HD slow motion for under $500. It has a tilt and swivel screen and electronic eye level viewfinder. But there’s no headphone socket. And, there is no in-body stabilization or body sealing either. 

Fujifilm X T3 -  It has a relatively large APS-C sensor, so it’s better than the Panasonics for creative shallow focus. It has great color rendition, good dynamic range and pro video features at a relatively affordable price. Its impressive features include very good low light performance, ultra-fast autofocus, 10bit recording at 400Mb/s, 4K slow motion and log recording. It’s also a very good camera for still photography.

Fujifilm X T4 - It gets you excellent 5-axis image stabilisation, a fully swivelling screen, a bigger battery, better autofocus and 10x slow motion in HD. You also gain ‘F-log assist’, which allows you to preview what the finished image will look like when you’re shooting in log mode. They’ve removed the headphone socket, but the camera comes with a USB-C to headphone adapter.

Cannon EOS M50 - Canon’s M-series cameras and lenses are very compact but have fairly large APS-C sensors, excellent colors and very good dual pixel autofocus. You can fit standard Canon EF lenses with an adapter. The affordable EOS M50 (around $500 with kit lens) has an easy-to-use interface. Its portability makes it a good option for vloggers and journalists. It’s really designed for shooting HD: it can shoot 4K but with an extra crop and no dual pixel AF. However, it doesn’t have in-body image stabilisation, and there’s no headphone socket.

Pro tip : 4k mirrorless cameras are the best option for creative filmmaking on a budget. They’re affordable and they give you plenty of creative control. They have interchangeable lenses. And they have larger sensors than camcorders, which makes them better for low light shooting and creative shallow focus shots.


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