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World's Sexiest Man (Written By Robert Leo Cox)


DEREK COLLINS is an arrogant, womanizing actor, adored by his fans and honored with the title of ‘World's Sexiest Man’ five years in a row. However, ‘Gay’ rumors plague him in the media fairly often. The latest blog infuriates him and even his assistant BRIAN and his agent HANNA have a hard time convincing him that it will blow over.

On the set, MAX, Derek’s director, tells him that many of the crew read the blog. Derek calls the crew together, telling them that the article is untrue, and ends by asking the women there to raise their hands if they slept with him. Many hands go up, including his co-star VANESSA.

ROGER DANVERS, a dead ringer to Derek, is having difficulty convincing his date that he is NOT Derek Collins, even showing him his driver’s license, but to no avail. Later, at work, PILAR, Roger’s best friend. shows him the blog. It was a man Roger picked up months before. Roger is mortified.

Pilar, to cheer Roger up, invites him to a premiere. Roger goes in disguise, assured that Derek won’t be there. Unfortunately, he is and the two of them run into each other in the Men’s Room. After a heated exchange, Roger flees the restroom and the theater. Brian tells Derek that Hanna will know the best way to spin the information.

The next morning, on the set, TERRY, a crew member, dares Derek to seduce MARLENE, Max’s girlfriend, a dare he takes. Vanessa overhears them. With his schedule, it seems impossible that he can get away. Marlene has gone to a Hawaiian resort for two weeks, a great place for seduction. Derek contacts Roger and convinces him to take his place. He lies to Roger and Brian, by telling them that he’s stressed and needs a vacation.

Plans go wrong on both fronts. Marlene knows about the dare from Vanessa and confronts Derek. She tells him if he can respect her relationship with Max, he can stay. If not, he can go. He chooses to stay, but seduction is still on his mind. Max discovers a flaw in the film he just shot and calls for a re-shoot. Roger convinces Pilar to help him learn the scene to be shot and when the time comes to film it, does it masterfully. Derek drops his seduction plans and his arrogance, enjoying himself in Marlene’s company until Max decides to surprise Marlene at the resort. Brian and Roger, now lovers, discover Derek's plan and go down to Hawaii to get Derek out before Max arrives. The plan fails, Max and Marlene argue, Derek tells Roger to get out and Brian quits. In the midst of all this, Brian learns a secret about Derek and Roger that will change them both forever.


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